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Falcons & 360s

Posted by anjilslaire on December 28, 2007

So I received an Xbox 360 Pro for Christmas this week, which is exactly what I wanted. I knew that Microsoft has recently switched to a 65nm chip to improve efficiency & reduce heat, so naturally I want one of these new machines under the tree. In fact, I’ve discovered a method to determine what kind of beast is inside the box without violating the packaging and raising the ire of the local Target return Nazis. In this case, lower wattage is better, apparently. Tim Allen would be ashamed.

Of course, the system my beloved obtained for my entertainment was manufactured in early August, so I promptly returned allegedly unopened to the aforementioned giant retail bullseye. They didn’t even know how to open the box to ensure the contents.

So my quest begins to find one of these rare birds to begin my adventures in Tamriel. A knowledgeable clerk at another store understood my plight, but only had falcon Elite systems available, so I need to decide if I desire this elusive beast enough to upgrade…


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