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Falcons & 360s, + LIVE continued…

Posted by anjilslaire on December 30, 2007

Finally found my elusive Falcon chipset, planted firmly in the beautiful shell of an Xbox 360 Elite (so yes, I did upgrade).

However, after downloading several demos from the Marketplace last night, I returned this afternoon to find myself unable to connect to LIVE to get more. As it turns out, there are technical difficulties currently rendering the service unavailable. I blame this on the zillions of 14 year-olds clogging the internetz with their pitiful Comcast connections (6+mb! Blazing fast my ass…) trying to live the Life Comcastic and playing Halo 3 after the holiday cheer has subsided..

I shall wait to get my online game on until the flood has subsided


One Response to “Falcons & 360s, + LIVE continued…”

  1. […] by anjilslaire on December 14, 2008 OK, I’ve installed the  NXE for my Xbox 360 Elite. While the new navigation system and Marketplace layout is nice, and the Avatars are , well, […]

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