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chasing the score

Posted by anjilslaire on January 23, 2008

Been pretty busy at work lately. The Women-folk have been playing lots of Viva Pinata, and I must admit I’ve gotten quite the garden going myself. There is a certain satisfaction in setting paper-mache pseudo-moths on fire in order to transform them into a flammable mutation that has an inordinate resale value to boost one’s trove of Chocolate Coins. Ah, commerce….

I’ve also spent a bit of time playing Oblivion, but the townsfolk don’t ever seem to like me. Perhaps a bit of medieval ethnic cleansing would lighten their hearts. Of course, for some reason my wandering through the countryside isn’t doing anything for my gamerscore, either. Playing Demos doesn’t help it, either.

In other news, I’ve played a bit with the newly minted KDE4, all shiny and new. Much like Vista, I’m not sure I like the new feel. Time will tell.


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Posted by anjilslaire on January 10, 2008

My xbox has gone unused for several days now. Its voice is making a mockery of me. However, The Pinatas have arrived in the mail today, so I’m sure She will begin play again soon.

In other news, a recent blast of snow had kept me working from home an extra day, which makes me grateful that my management had seen fit to give me remote access to the corporate network. Makes me much more productive. Unless I pick up Gears of War…

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Of Pinatas and Pretzels

Posted by anjilslaire on January 1, 2008

So, after a year of my 10-year-old mocking me for wanting Viva Pinata I downloaded the demo from Live, and my black bird of prey has not been mine to enjoy.
Apparently the marketing campaign for Viva Pinata had been misleading to her, because having a bit of hands-on time with the actual demo has convinced her this must be our next purchase. Luckily, I ‘ve seen it as a sub-$30 Platinum Hit title. Somehow, Microsoft has hit on the magic formula of this title with just the right mix of cannibalism, crossbreeding, and genetic engineering that has resulted in fun for the whole family. I’ll need to stop at the local Walmart sometime this week, it seems.

To console me as I watch this lovably furry fun (and my daughter smash open the weaker Pinatas for their yummy, sugary innards; this IS the Doughnut of Life, you understand), my wife has made me my favorite treat: Party Chex Mix. Yum.

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