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chasing the score

Posted by anjilslaire on January 23, 2008

Been pretty busy at work lately. The Women-folk have been playing lots of Viva Pinata, and I must admit I’ve gotten quite the garden going myself. There is a certain satisfaction in setting paper-mache pseudo-moths on fire in order to transform them into a flammable mutation that has an inordinate resale value to boost one’s trove of Chocolate Coins. Ah, commerce….

I’ve also spent a bit of time playing Oblivion, but the townsfolk don’t ever seem to like me. Perhaps a bit of medieval ethnic cleansing would lighten their hearts. Of course, for some reason my wandering through the countryside isn’t doing anything for my gamerscore, either. Playing Demos doesn’t help it, either.

In other news, I’ve played a bit with the newly minted KDE4, all shiny and new. Much like Vista, I’m not sure I like the new feel. Time will tell.


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