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Cogs and Devils

Posted by anjilslaire on February 22, 2008

So I’ve picked up Gears of War since last post, and I’ve been thoroughly immersed in it. It’s great: You can duck, cover, swat-turn, and a myriad of other evasive maneuvers with the flick of the control and ONE button press. Amazingly intuitive.

If you’re right-handed.

Sure, you can set the controller scheme up to lefty, but that switches the triggers and thumbsticks. The problem is, that puts movement and the almighty action button A on the same side. Try moving the right thumbstick and mashing A with any sense of dexterity. Doesn’t happen. Makes me stumble around the map like a fingerless, one-armed monkey. Just one more reason to postpone buying a Gold Live account, to prevent publicizing my lameness.

On the other end, I picked up Devil May Cry 4 last night for my better half. She tried the demo and was immediately hooked. You can imagine her disgust when she realized the demo had an artificial time-limit imposed. Its not that the demo includes a small portion of the game to play; no they limit you to 10 measly minutes to spend as you see fit. Pick your nose for 10 minutes without moving, the developers don’t care. Thats all you get.

So, I dutifully shuffled off to the local office of the lowest common denominator to take advantage of the massive think tank they employ to do their dark master’s retail bidding and get as cheap a copy as possible. No, I don’t want your Special Edition, thank you!


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taboos lifted

Posted by anjilslaire on February 4, 2008

While enduring my 1st SuperBowl yesterday I was surprised to notice that conversations once deemed taboo are discussed freely, without concern for another’s (possibly) differing opinion on any given subject.

Alright, I’ll drop the pretense: I sat in disgust as people discussed politics, mocking any other possible political leaning as absolute foolishness. One obvious staunch supporter of his party even went so far as to comment that the die-hard loyalists of the opposition party were so blind to the truth. Funny; I was under the impression there was no obvious truth spewing from any side.
On the other hand, I did enjoy the food, and there was a Guitar Hero II set up downstairs. I’m tempted to get it for myself, but I’m not that coordinated.

Otherwise, I’ve been getting plenty of sleep. I like sleep.

Oh by the way, check my quiz results. This should’ve been mandatory is school :

Congradulations! You are 44% retarded!

You make many mistakes, but you’re still intelligent for the most part. If you don’t believe me when I say that, take a look at some of the other people’s grades when they took this test. You are anything but retarded (excuse me if you truly are mentally retarded).

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