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Late Tribute

Posted by anjilslaire on March 7, 2008

Zagyg has died.

I realize I’m a several days late commenting on it here, but work has been pretty hectic, so you’ll have to pardon my absence.

After I read the news, it took me a bit to digest, and realize just how much of an impact the wizened old sage had on my childhood and formative years. This man’s creativity sparked my imagination. I discovered a colorful world in which I could dream dreams of such magnificent and excitement, of awe and wonder, and a wealth of books.

Oh, this wonderful hobby taught me the love of books that has never left me since. Gord the Rogue, Drizz’t, and lets not forget that Kender…

I actually had the opportunity to exchange a few emails with Gary a few years back, and he was a kind, gracious man who was happy to discuss his family and hobby. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost those mails somewhere along the line.

It gladdens me to hear Gary apparently found Christ at some point, which I find comforting, and somehow gives me validation against all the media who bashed this, my favorite hobby, growing up. While I have no idea of the specifics for Gary, I accepted the truth a decade ago and my life has been all the better for it. No, I hadn’t heard any voices or gotten all warm and fuzzy like the televangelists or media would have you believe. Amazingly enough, I observed and read until it all seemed logical to me. At least that was the beginning of my journey. I think more Christians need to realize that we are the same:

All I am is another fellow human that has at last, after many wrong paths and failed attenpts, found Jesus Christ.

I got nothing left. The Penny Arcade has a fitting tribute. Keep rolling 20s, Gary. See you on the other side


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