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New Media

Posted by anjilslaire on April 17, 2008

I’ve added a new page Videos to the blog, to post my favorite clips. The inaugural post includes my all-time favorites, the Linux/Mac/PC spoof commercials. Watch ’em if you haven’t yet.

I’m getting very excited for Hardy Heron to release this month. Even though my Gutsy install is running smooth, something new is always exciting. I plan to run with the new KDE4, which I’ve mentioned previously. I’m not sure I’ll put it on the wife’s laptop however. Gutsy is running perfectly (Inspiron 1420 with intel wireless + nvidia 8400), so why rock the boat when I’m not the one sitting in front of it, eh?

In other news, I’ve replaced my aged LiteOn LDW 401/411/811 burner with a new LiteOn DH-20A4P-04 20X. It’s shiny & black, and does my DVD rips just fine, so I can convert to XVID and stream on my media server. I highly recommend it to anyone. Burn quality is good, too.

Anyway, I’ll post more in the next few days.


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