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Hardy on the horizon: Decisions to be made

Posted by anjilslaire on April 22, 2008

As Hardy approaches, I’m getting pretty amped up for it. I love the shiny of new software, and every release of ubuntu has improved over th previous for me.
I’m a KDE fan, as I’ve mentioned, so my version of choice is Kubuntu. However, after reading that 8.04 will include a KDE version of the Compiz Effects Manager, making configuration and enabling the effects much easier, I think I may stick with KDE 3x instead of moving to 4.

With that in mind (the new release), I’ve been giving more thought to setting up a portable linux build on a flash drive that’s bootable, so I can use it on friends & families PCs when they’ve got problems I need to fix. Plus, its just plain cool ;). I know there’s DSL, and a lot of info on pendrivelinux as well. I need to do a bit of reading to get up-to-date and make a decision.


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