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Kubuntu 8.04 issues, updated

Posted by anjilslaire on April 25, 2008

I’ve installed Hardy with KDE3.5.9, for stability purposes. It detects pretty much everything, and my /home partition remains intact, with all my settings, etc.
There is NO Restricted Driver Manager included. Not even in Synaptic (which I prefer & install manually on top of KDE. Yes, I know its Gnome, blah blah blah)
I’ve had the RDM previously, and had no problems with it. But, there’s something not right with this thing. I need to play with it more. Of course, the repo’s are slow as mud, since its just been released and the servers are being hammered, but I cant even find this stuff in synaptic (yes, I’ve edited my sources.list).

I’m not a happy camper right now. I’ll keep you posted

Found the restricted driver manager, trying that out to see how it goes. That should be a huge fix for the issues on my box. Its listed as System > Hardware Drivers Manager… PEBKAC, I know…

*UPDATE part II*
OK, everything seems pretty smooth, but the repositories are getting hammered. It’s painfully slow to install anything. Of course, that’s to be expected of a new release. Still Bites, though.


6 Responses to “Kubuntu 8.04 issues, updated”

  1. mysurface said

    It seems fine right? I have my kubuntu remix kde 4 ISO downloaded but not yet install.

  2. anjilslaire said

    Yeah, It seems OK. I think it’ll probably work fine, I just didn’t care for the KDE4 menu. Seems a bit too Vista-ish. But, it *is* KDE, so it’s still pretty cool.

  3. Marc said

    Downloaded Kubuntu 8.04 (first time user) to use on a old laptop no OS. It is asking for a username and password. Anyone know what I should put in the boxes.


  4. anjilslaire said

    Have you installed it? If so, during th installation, it should have prompted you to create a user and password.

    If not, and you’re using the Live CD, then something is being funky, because it *should* just bot right into th desktop. What exactly did you download, and how are you using it?

  5. Marc said

    No I have not installed it as it gets to a box where it asks me for a password and user name.
    I downloaded it from the following site

    should I try downloading it again or is there away of getting the password

  6. anjilslaire said

    Your using the KDE 4 Remix, or the regular?
    Try using “kubuntu” as the user and password. No quotes, of course. If that doesn’t work, I’d re-download it and try again.

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