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XMMS missing in Hardy, resolved

Posted by anjilslaire on April 30, 2008

I discovered that xmms is missing from hardy, and not even present in the repositories. It’s been replaced by XMMS2. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out of th box with Streamtuner, throwing an error of some kind (I forget what it was).

Anyway, there is a deb released, as I found out from a post on the ubuntu forums. Get it, if you are looking for it in Hardy. I like Amarok, but I also like choice. It’s why we run linux, eh?

Thank me later 😉

Otherwise, Kubuntu Hardy is treating me well.

It seems that the launchpad url for this package has changed. The correct link above has been updated.


7 Responses to “XMMS missing in Hardy, resolved”

  1. […] el siguiente post me entero de que XMMS no esta en los repositorios de Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron (o al menos no esta […]

  2. anjilslaire said

    Sorry, I don’t understand Spanish 😦

  3. Brian Masterman said

    Thanks for the xmms version it solved the streamtuner problem, saves doing a re-install back to v7.10

  4. Vlad said

    Thanks for the post, I am extremely annoyed with this change in the repos for hardy. They took something that worked just fine and exclude it in favor for a more robust, but more difficult to setup program that is xmms2.

  5. Ingrid said

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’d be lost without my beloved xmms! I was nearly in tears before I found your site….

    The world is a better place in which to live because of you!

  6. You’re very welcome :). Glad I can be helpful.

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