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D&D, Old School Style

Posted by anjilslaire on May 5, 2008

I haven’t played D&D for years, since I was probably 19 or so. That’s nearly two decades, but it still hits a certain nostalgic spot for me. I used to have all of the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons hardback books, DM’s Guide, Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, Deities & Demigods, and much more.

I’ve mentioned previously how D&D sparked my imagination & love of books, but when the recent news reports that Wizards is releasing a new version, I breezed over it and realized something: My fond memories are from AD&D. I loved the variety of dice, the homegrown feel of everything. The game, the franchise, has evolved into this d20 thing that is reported to be nothing like what I remember. It makes me more than a bit sad; I am heartbroken that I didn’t keep those old hardbacks books if for nothing more than nostalgia.

Enter OSRIC. the Old School Reference and Index Compilation. This compiles the old AD&D rules into a new volume, free of charge. You can continue playing the (best) version of the game you want. Even though it’s unlikely I’ll ever play again, I’m ecstatic that these core instructions will continue to be available. Apparently, its been ruled that rules are not copyrightable, so a few changes to exclude some trademarks and these folks are set. You can even order a printed set for a nominal fee. Go check it out.


One Response to “D&D, Old School Style”

  1. Dave7F said

    Gary Gygax will be missed. I was glad to hear that he worked with the creators of D&D’s modern incarnation: World of Warcraft. Since I have moved on to WoW now, my complete original set of hard bound AD&D manuals (circa ’80-’82) are available if you need them. 🙂

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