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Liquid Weather broken, then fixed

Posted by anjilslaire on May 7, 2008

I love Liquid Weather ++. It’s probably one of my favorite widgets to run in SuperKaramba. It’s handy, and I’ve even been told by my wife and daughter, “I want that cool weather on mine, too!”

Imagine my disappointment when I discovered it broken. It refused to pull any data for any city, period. At first, I suspected a dependency on Hardy was incompatible with LW, as it hasn’t been updated since mid-2007. After searching about, I found the following workaround: It seems that the snippet &prod=xoap must be deleted from the config files. To paraphrase:
1. Uncompress the lwp-14.8.skz file into a new directory. (I cheated and used winrar under wine. The compression tools I have installed currently refused to extract a .skz)

2. Enter the new directory, open a Konsole there, and remove all instances of &prod=xoap from and

sed -i 's/&prod=xoap//'

3. Uninstall Liquid Weather from SuperKaramba, and then re-add it from the Open Local menu, choosing the new extracted & edited location. Once running, reload Liquid Weather if needed.

Thanks to the user fluxbox on the LW++ forums for providing this fix 🙂


3 Responses to “Liquid Weather broken, then fixed”

  1. westy said

    BTW: Its just a zip file. Change the extension if you want to. Glad to see someone posting on the Liquid Weather problem, I have it too in Debian Sid.

  2. Unknown Anonymous said

    rename the file. chang the .skz to .zip now you can extract it without using windows tools.

  3. anjilslaire said

    Yeah, I figured that out shortly after, but was too lazy to do it the “right way” at the time. Thanks for the tips, though 🙂

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