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Kubuntu Hardy Final Thoughts = Linux Done Right

Posted by anjilslaire on May 12, 2008

Alright folks,

After some tweaking, I must say I think I’ve gotten Hardy to be pretty rock solid for my needs.
Restricted Drivers, check
XMMS/streamtuner, check
Liquidweather++, check
Moto4lin, check
Creative Zen V Plus, check (yes, I had a bit of trouble, but I didn’t see much use in posting the fix. Maybe another day)

Most of my daily uses are working great now, either after minimal fuss, or straight out of the box. Since I’m running Kubuntu, it didn’t come with Firefox 3 (or any other flavor), so I use, as I know all of my extensions work correctly, and I’m not real impressed by some of the GUI changes in Beta 3 yet.

Now with the summer approaching, I’m considering getting a new laptop for myself (go one for Her for Christmas, running Gutsy). I’ve been pretty impressed by the Inspiron 1420 she’s running, so I’ll likely get one for myself as well.


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