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Creative Zen V Plus on Kubuntu

Posted by anjilslaire on May 16, 2008

OK, I’ve decided to post how I got my Zen working under AmaroK, Gnomad2, etc.

!. Make sure you have mtpfs installed from the repo’s. I’ve never had this package installed before, and connectivity has always been sketchy at best. Install it:
Sudo apt-get install mtpfs
2. Also install libmtp7, available from the repo’s, version It’s very important to make sure you have libmtp6 removed if present. Use Synaptic before installing libmtp7 to fully remove libmtp6 prior to installing libmtp7.

I use primarily Amarok, so you need to add it to the devices Amarok sees:
From inside AmaroK
1.Settings >Configure AmaroK
2.Select Media Devices
3.Click Add Device
4. Choose the MTP Device plugin, and give the player a name, like Zen or Creative or MyMP3PlayerIsCoolerThanYours. Whatever.
5. I left the mount point blank. Click OK
6. Back in the main Amarok interface, select Devices on the bottom left, and on the upper menu select MTP Media Device if needed.
7. There’s a colorful little button right above this that says “Connect”. Click it. You know you want to…

Hopefully, your Zen will be detected, and scanned so your contents are displayed. Now, go add some music 🙂


6 Responses to “Creative Zen V Plus on Kubuntu”

  1. ouzy said

    Whaou !!!!

    Thanks a lot… You are the only one who found answers at my question ! I really, really read a lot of things on the subject, but it doesn’t work.

    Brilliant, you’re a genius !

    thanks again

    Ps it seemed :
    Sudo apt-get install mtpfs
    is really a good thing !

  2. anjilslaire said

    Your welcome 🙂 I’m glad it worked for someone else, and it just wasn’t dumb luck on my part.

  3. Murray said

    Worked for me too. The mtpfs package was the ticket. I was good in gnomad2 but not in Amarok before adding this package. After loading the package and setting up the media device in Amarok I plugged my Zen back in and voila! Thank you for this post. I have been using Linux (Kubuntu 8.04) for a month and am totally hooked.

  4. John_Yossarian said

    Thanks a lot for this helpful tutorial! My Zen Vision:M works perfectly now!

  5. Chuck said

    Wow thank you so much! Since switching to linux I have been struggling with a good way to handle my Creative Zen 16G and wasn’t real happy with the way gnomad2 worked. this is great!

  6. You’re very welcome. I’m glad people find some of my notes helpful 🙂

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