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Xbox Live thoughts

Posted by anjilslaire on June 19, 2008

I received a 12+1 month subscription card to Xbox Live as a part of my Father’s Day gifts. It’s something I’ve been wanting, as I haven’t played against anyone else yet. After entering the card info, and turning my Silver Live account Gold, I’ve played a bit of Gears of War online the past few days.

My, I must say its quite a different game online than off. On Live, the matches are short & brutal. I must’ve played well over an hour spread across 2 nights before I won my 1st kill, and it certainly carried a sense of accomplishment, knowing that this was against another player, rather than the game AI.

Of course, I expected the standard trash talking and adolescent bravado: what else do you expect from gamers with (relative) anonymity? Although, I must admit the high-pitched kid nearly crying because his kill was stolen was a bit more funny than pathetic.

I’ve decided I need to pick up a few more bargain priced online games to try out, maybe GRAW 2, who knows? What I do know, however, is that playing against real people is much more rewarding, and its something I look forward to.

Maybe I’m beginning to understand the appeal of those things people refer to as sports… 🙂


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