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Angry & Distracted: Politics Suck

Posted by anjilslaire on September 27, 2008

Ok, I’m posting this from my Windows mobile phone, so pardon the formatting. How I wish firefox was available mobile. I need that Mini 9 I guess.

I’ve been pretty bent lately about the politics this year, which came as quite a shock to myself. Guess I’m getting cranky in my old age.
Just thought I’d throw that out there. I’ll resume posting about Linux & gaming soon. In the meantime, read the angry african blog. He’s got a good one today


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Lost in the Oddyssey

Posted by anjilslaire on September 7, 2008

Picked up Lost Oddyssey yesterday from the local Target. I’ve been looking for a traditional JRPG for some time, and Blue Dragon just wasn;t doing it for me. I may get back into that one later though.

I’m barely 2.5 hours in, and I must say I’m pleased so far with what I’m seeing. Impressive graphics, and the cut-scenes  are blended well with the ingame engine. I even don’t mind the traditional turn-based action, which I grew *really* tired of in the past.

I’m resisting the urge to read up on whats going to happen, wanting to be engrossed by the story. This game is designed by the original creator of Final Fantasy, and it shows, with fairly impressive results. Upon opening the case, I found no less than 4 game discs, with the last being included in a paper disc sleeve. Apparently standard game (DVD) boxes can only fit 3 discs on the little disc-nob that holds them in place.

Wonder how long this’ll take to complete… I don’t remember the last game I’ve finished, aside from Gears of War & Lego Star Wars II. My collection of unfinished games is growing 😦

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Dell Inspiron Mini 9 – Linux love

Posted by anjilslaire on September 5, 2008

Dell has finally released it. I’m thrilled, and will hopefully be ording it by Christmas. I’ve been looking for a small portable to stay connected, and will be a perfect compliment to Her 1420. In fact, when I order the 1420, I received a $100 gift card from Dell as well, so I can get a loaded netbook with 1gig of ram & a 16gig SSD driver for about $350.

That has me excited, to say the least.

Right now, it comes with a special Dell-modified version of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix. I’m hoping with the next Ubuntu release, 8.10, that there will be a vanilla Ubuntu release for me to load on myself. Having a pre-installed linux seems so unnatural (in a good way I guess)

Either way, this is great news to see such blatant advertising from Dell.

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