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GParted to the rescue

Posted by anjilslaire on October 18, 2008

I told myself I wouldn’t do it. I needed more space at /home, so I was going to move XP to a separate, smaller drive by itself, so I could use the entire 320gig drive for Kubuntu, with 15 gigs at /, 1 gig swap, and the rest for /home. I’ve been tediously ripping all my my movies & CDs to avi & MP3 for streaming from my media system, and was running dangerously low. XP was taking over 100 gigs which I needed back.

So my plan was to order a new 500 gig drive from newegg (done), and wait til Intrepid released before doing any significant changes, since I’d be reloading the OS anyway.

I didn’t wait.

I installed the new drive, and formatted it as ext3, and deleted the XP partitions. Suddenly Ubuntu wouldn’t boot, since the 1st partition (XP) was no longer there, and I received a big fat Grub 5 error, if I recall correctly).
“OK, I’ll just reinstall / and point it to /home and move along as normal, just on Hardy again….” I thought I’d be smart & use Gparted to resize /home to take up the extra space from the deleted XP partitions.
Apparently however, during the fsck portion of the partition move/resize something got borked up in /home. When I installed the OS to / again, verytime th system booted it detected an “unclean shutdown” and forced a new fsck which would fail and error out a 91%.

After much trial & tribulation, along with having over 150 gigs of music & movies on the line, I was able to use a Live CD to move the data (including my /home directory) to the new 500gig Western Digital, format the entire 320gig original drive and recreate the 3 needed partitions:
/, /home & swap.

I then copied my /home data back to the 320gig, and reinstalled the OS. Whrn I logged in, none of my settings were saved, and I received lots of permissions issues in /laire/.kde. a quick

sudo chmod -R laire:laire /home/laire

solved that. After a reboot (probably a restart of X would be sufficient), all of my settings were loaded up perfectly. I then  proceeded to reinstall all of my favorite & needed apps, using my previous entries on this page to get my Creative Zen running, Liquid Weather, etc. Boy, this pag has come in handy…

I’m curious how Kubuntu 8.10 will go with the switch to KDE4 (I believe). I’m hoping it grows on me.


2 Responses to “GParted to the rescue”

  1. Mo said

    I tried KDE 4 in Mandriva and got so disgusted with how slow my computer was running from it, I switched to Gnome-Ubuntu.

    It’s funny, i used to be one of those geeks that said “gnome doesn’t fit me, it doesn’t work for me”, but after using it for a week and seeing the speed difference, I can see how bloated the KDE was becoming. Four doesn’t fix this bloat, it makes it worse. Hopefully with the Ubuntu backend it runs faster for you though.

  2. anjilslaire said

    Yes, well, as you can see from more recent posts I’ve switched to Xubuntu 8.10 with just my favorite KDE apps. Things are running great now 🙂

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