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Windows + Linux= Each has their place

Posted by anjilslaire on May 20, 2012

So a couple months back I repartitioned my desktop to give more drive space to Windows 7, and also to boot first. I’ve also got Ubuntu 12.04 on the secondary partition still in use. I’ve also added a 1TB drive for my media storage.

After much thought I came to the conclusion that Windows made more sense as a daily driver in my house for a few reasons:
I run Xbox 360s on my TVs for gaming and media playback (netflix, youtube, streaming client for my M4Vs, etc). It only makes sense to take advantage of the native compatibility between the two. I’m eventually going set up DVR functionality on my Win7 box so using the 360 as a set top box is natural.
I like to play PC games occasionally. Hooked to my 42″ HDTV makes my PC much more fun, including gaming thats not on the console.

Now, I still use Linux for many uses, including exclusively on my netbook, which lives next to my chair in the living room. I love the ease of updating, raw speed and lack of malware on linux. But I think it’s ridiculous to ignore the advantages of certain platforms for no good reason. Many people will have good reasons. In this case, I don’t anymore.

Huge Disclaimer: I work for Microsoft, so I guess I have no credibility. Think what you will.


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Baby 2.0, Warcraft III & other adventures

Posted by anjilslaire on August 30, 2009

So I haven’t been as active as I’ve historically been. My Ubuntu systems have been running flawlessly, and Baby 2.0 has arrived, albeit with a rocky start.

As I’ve been in a new job, I didn’t plan on taking much time off for the baby, just the day itself followed by the weekend, actually. However, she arrived with lung problems that required an extended stay in the NICU, including a transfer to another hospital for advanced care.

Without going to further detail, after a week, Baby 2.0 arrived home safe, sound and fully healthy. All is well, so what follows is the official record:

After 39 weeks of compiling, Baby 2.0 was RTMed. However, there was an egregious read error while untarring the archive. After forcible extraction, a cycle of dependency hell ensued, with core components of the binaries refusing to unzip due to unmet depencies, ehich could not be met without the aforementioned components unzipping. Argh.

Eventually, new apt updates resolved the dependency issues, and all processes resumed normal functions. However, this scenario was the source of much woe and gnashing of teeth. Hope I never see these errors again.

Once this was resolved, I set out to try Warcraft III, including the Frozen Throne expansion, running under Wine, including the single-player campaign movies. After a bit of research I found the solution, and the games appears to run very well under wine. Next, I’m going to try to replicate it on th Mini 9.

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Lost in the Oddyssey

Posted by anjilslaire on September 7, 2008

Picked up Lost Oddyssey yesterday from the local Target. I’ve been looking for a traditional JRPG for some time, and Blue Dragon just wasn;t doing it for me. I may get back into that one later though.

I’m barely 2.5 hours in, and I must say I’m pleased so far with what I’m seeing. Impressive graphics, and the cut-scenesĀ  are blended well with the ingame engine. I even don’t mind the traditional turn-based action, which I grew *really* tired of in the past.

I’m resisting the urge to read up on whats going to happen, wanting to be engrossed by the story. This game is designed by the original creator of Final Fantasy, and it shows, with fairly impressive results. Upon opening the case, I found no less than 4 game discs, with the last being included in a paper disc sleeve. Apparently standard game (DVD) boxes can only fit 3 discs on the little disc-nob that holds them in place.

Wonder how long this’ll take to complete… I don’t remember the last game I’ve finished, aside from Gears of War & Lego Star Wars II. My collection of unfinished games is growing šŸ˜¦

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Conan: By Cron!

Posted by anjilslaire on July 28, 2008

I picked up Conan over the weekend, and took it for a spin in the 360. Boy, between this and Assassin’s Creed, I’ve played more in the last week than I have in months. It’s been nice to get back into gaming a bit.

I’ve found the game highly enjoyable, being able to progress through the story at a nice pace, with just enough challenge to keep me from getting too frustrated throughout. I believe I’m about 1/2 way through, and I can see going through it again to get more secrets I’ve missed along the way. at $20 nwe, it’s a great buy.

On a side note, I did manage to complete my 1st contract in Asasin’s Creed by the way. That’s a fun game too.

Oh, the title isn’t a typo. I was being clever, what with my penchant for linux experimenting. (Obligatory lol)


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Flashy Ninjas

Posted by anjilslaire on April 19, 2008

I’ve been playing N for quite some time, originally on Windows, and more recently on linux. It’s great fun, and has a really awesome physics engine. Also, the upcoming v1.5 will sport improved graphics and source code, so that’s really cool, too.

It’s recently been added to Xbox LIVE as well, and its the 1st title that’s sorely tempted me to to purchase. I may need to get a LIVE Points card to buy it (I’ll never give them my CC data. Sorry MS), cuz the demo is sweet, trust me. If you’re a graphics whore, you may want to pass.

Give it a whirl. Its free on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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Of Pinatas and Pretzels

Posted by anjilslaire on January 1, 2008

So, after a year of my 10-year-old mocking me for wanting Viva Pinata I downloaded the demo from Live, and my black bird of prey has not been mine to enjoy.
Apparently the marketing campaign for Viva Pinata had been misleading to her, because having a bit of hands-on time with the actual demo has convinced her this must be our next purchase. Luckily, I ‘ve seen it as a sub-$30 Platinum Hit title. Somehow, Microsoft has hit on the magic formula of this title with just the right mix of cannibalism, crossbreeding, and genetic engineering that has resulted in fun for the whole family. I’ll need to stop at the local Walmart sometime this week, it seems.

To console me as I watch this lovably furry fun (and my daughter smash open the weaker Pinatas for their yummy, sugary innards; this IS the Doughnut of Life, you understand), my wife has made me my favorite treat: Party Chex Mix. Yum.

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