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Battery in place, Maverick incoming

Posted by anjilslaire on October 9, 2010

Got the new 8cell battery for the Mini 9, and its great. Full charge reports 10:20 battery time, & I think that’s pretty accurate.

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick is coming tomorrow, and I can’t wait to install & check out the new Unity netbook GUI. I’ve been running the x64 Beta of regular Ubuntu and is pretty slick, so I don’t anticipate many isues with this release.

On that note (and I know I tweeted about it) while we may see the bits already available in some places, its recommended not to grab them until the official release is announced due to last-minute possible  changes. Full details & explanation here:

I’ll be grabbing the torrent from a local university.


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New battery enroute for Mini 9

Posted by anjilslaire on October 4, 2010

So I saw that mydigitaldiscount has a replacement extended battery in stock for the Dell Mini 9. My current original 3-cell battery is completely dead, so I’m hoping the new 8-cell will do the trick.

I should have it in a week, and will post results later. Hopefully my netbook will be resurrected in time for 10.10

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64-bit Ubuntu upgrade

Posted by anjilslaire on September 17, 2010

I’ve finally replaced my aging Athlon XP 3200+ system with a new Dell XPS tower:
AMD Athlon II x4 630
4gigs ram
AMD Radeon 5450 1gig
640gig HDD

Nothing super snazzy, but a huge upgrade for me. It’s dual-booted with a clean install of Win7 home premium x64 & more importantly Ubuntu 10.04×64, which is where the focus of this blog will shift to.

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BIOS A06 updated on Mini 9 sans Windows

Posted by anjilslaire on July 8, 2010

So I packaged up the Windows A06 bios for the Dell Mini 9 in a dos-bootable form, available on here:,20142.

Just extract the zip onto a dos-bootable usb drive, and from a DOS prompt, cd to \910A06\ and run 910A06.BAT.

I’ve been waiting to update my linux netbook, and finally got around to it. Too bad Dell doesn’t make it easy 😦

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Karmic encryption context-menu

Posted by anjilslaire on February 19, 2010

So it appears that the ability to right-click a file and easily encrypt it has removed from Karmic.

Luckily, it’s easy enough to restore with seahorse-plugins:

sudo apt-get install seahorse-plugins


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Karmic Netbook

Posted by anjilslaire on November 2, 2009

I installed the UNR 9.10 the other day, as an in-place upgrade, as 9.10 didn’t want to get to a full desktop on my Mini 9. It does boot up with acpi off and a couple of other incantations, however.

It’s snazzy, but I’ll hold off on opinions until after I’ve done a clean install this week. Stay tuned.

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Baby 2.0, Warcraft III & other adventures

Posted by anjilslaire on August 30, 2009

So I haven’t been as active as I’ve historically been. My Ubuntu systems have been running flawlessly, and Baby 2.0 has arrived, albeit with a rocky start.

As I’ve been in a new job, I didn’t plan on taking much time off for the baby, just the day itself followed by the weekend, actually. However, she arrived with lung problems that required an extended stay in the NICU, including a transfer to another hospital for advanced care.

Without going to further detail, after a week, Baby 2.0 arrived home safe, sound and fully healthy. All is well, so what follows is the official record:

After 39 weeks of compiling, Baby 2.0 was RTMed. However, there was an egregious read error while untarring the archive. After forcible extraction, a cycle of dependency hell ensued, with core components of the binaries refusing to unzip due to unmet depencies, ehich could not be met without the aforementioned components unzipping. Argh.

Eventually, new apt updates resolved the dependency issues, and all processes resumed normal functions. However, this scenario was the source of much woe and gnashing of teeth. Hope I never see these errors again.

Once this was resolved, I set out to try Warcraft III, including the Frozen Throne expansion, running under Wine, including the single-player campaign movies. After a bit of research I found the solution, and the games appears to run very well under wine. Next, I’m going to try to replicate it on th Mini 9.

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Moto4lin and Motorola Rival

Posted by anjilslaire on July 9, 2009

So, I used to use moto4lin with motorola phones a couple years back with great success. I just got a new Motorola Rival A455 after a year with an HTC running Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro.

Unfortunately, it appears enough has changed in Motorola’s operating system in 2 years that my configuration settings don’t work. Moto4lin sees th phone, but can’t connect in P2K mode, so I cannot see the file structure on the phone. I’ll keep plugging away and provide an update if I stumble on th correct settings. It’s a great little phone, but I’d prefer to jail break it if possible 🙂

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Intel 3945 en route

Posted by anjilslaire on May 31, 2009

Well, after tiring of trying to get the standard Broadcom 4312bcm wireless card to work again in the Mini, I’ve gone ahead and ordered an Intel 3945ABG mini pci wireless card from Amazon. I believe it’s the same as in my Inspiron 1420, and should work flawlessly.

Shipping was free, but it could more than a week to arrive. We’ll see if $30 will fix my Mini’s woes.

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Broadcom 4312 dying? AKA No buffer space available

Posted by anjilslaire on May 22, 2009

My Mini 9 appears to have suffered a grievous internal wound; perhaps requiring surgery. A few weeks ago, the wireless started acting up. It seems to connect to my router fine, and signal strength is solid.

However, after about 5-10 minutes, sometimes quicker, all traffic dies. Network Manager reports that i”m still connected, with great signal strength, but all ping attempts to my router result in:
ping: sendmsg: No buffer space available

At first, I suspected it was overheating, as the mini has no fan or other moving parts, so I left it on a cold stone floor. No real change. I did some searching, and found that in previous releases this was discovered and fixed with a kernel update in backports. However, I’m running the Jaunty 9.04 UNR release, and the Broadcom wireless has been working fine since I’ve had the machine in December. This has me truly stumped, and  I”ve submitted my own bug report on Launchpad. Hopefully someone smarter than I will come to my rescue.

If not, then I may just have to buy an intel 3945 Mini PCI wireless card to replace it. It appears they are not too expensive, and my Inspiron 1420 runs flawlessly.

Until then, my Mini is stranded 😦

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