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Maverick Netbook impressions

Posted by anjilslaire on October 12, 2010

So I installed Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10 Maverick Meercat on the Mini 9 the other day, and after a bit of adjustment to the new GUI, I think it’s a nice release. Everyrhing worked straight out of the install. With my replacement Intel 3945 wifi card, my system doesn’t need any restricted drivers to work.

Of course, the factory Broadcom wifi card shouldn’t have any driver issues in the future since Broadcom open sourced their drivers.

Boot time is improved, and there are actually 4 work spaces, like gnome. Also, there’s a slick menu on the left side, saving the limited vertical resolution.

The only real tweaks I’ve made include disabling the user list in GDM, so you need to type the user name as well as password. This is a very portable system. Should it be stolen, why would I want to give the thieves half of my login credentials? The code to do this is:

sudo gconftool-2 –direct –config-source xml:readwrite:/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory –type Boolean –set /apps/gdm/simple-greeter/disable_user_list True

Also, I’m not a fan of Empathy, so I replace it with Pidgin. Gwibber rocks for Twitter, though.

By the way, Wesnoth plays nicely at 1024×600 while mobile.


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Wesnoth: Netbook style

Posted by anjilslaire on February 14, 2010

So after a clean install of Karmic on the Mini 9, I decided to try some games on it again. 1st up was a perennial favorite: Battle for Wesnoth. a simple

sudo apt-get install wesnoth

and I was in business.  However, while the game is not terribly resource-intensive, it was a bit of a trick getting it to display properly on the 1024×600 screen, due to the bottom of the main game screen being off of the display, with no amount of moving it helping. Also, the preferences option was unavailble as well.

The solution is simple:

wesnoth –smallgui

This loaded the game at a lower resolution, allowing me to get into Preferences>Display>Change Resolution.

Bam, they even have an option for 1024×600 natively :). Now the game plays great, and remembers the resolution set in the GUI.

Next time I’ll see about getting a native linux install of Neverwinter Nights on the netbook. Now that would be some RPG fun on the go…

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Spring Cleaning

Posted by anjilslaire on April 11, 2008

I realize I’ve been neglecting the page; work continues to monopolize a majority of my time, and I have an extraordinary commute to tend with as well (extraordinary meaning triple digits on the odometer daily, but I don’t complain. Much). But, I suppose it absorbs most of one’s time for most people.

Let’s see, in the past few weeks I’ve found a local LUG in my neck of the woods, and have been making posts on their forum, updated the cfw on my PSP (when will we get DivX out of the box?!? 3.90 m33 FTW btw), started prepping my kid to go to the People To People Word Leadership Forum this fall (5th graders meeting Congress…scary) and general domestic living.

I’ve also been neglecting my 360 as well. My 360voice account has been shaming me. To rectify this however, I logged on, and loaded up every 360 game I own and played a few minutes each to look impressive. That in itself is rather pathetic, but it’s the appearance of hardcore that is easy to maintain.

I’ve been meaning to play some Wesnoth recently as well, but I seem to get too distracted whenever i get a free moment on my PC. Seeing as I get distracted easily on the net, I’m surprised I have any readers at all. However, I did get a comment on the previous post, so I wanted to let Tom know I appreciate it and will be more dutiful going forward.

Oh! I’ve recently learned that Amazon’s online MP3 store now natively supports Linux, and they even have binaries for a few platforms, including a deb that works beautifully on Gutsy. Love that. Cheap MP3s, DRM-free on my Linux box. If people knew me offline, they’d find quite a bit of irony considering what I do professionally.

I’ve also been staring at a beat-up regular xbox with a bad dvd drive that I’ve had for months, just waiting to load XBMC on and placed on my network. The bad dvd drive is irrelevant when I put in a modest 40gig hard drive to load a few games, and stream my Xvids from my media server. It’ll be perfect as a 2nd box in the bedroom (streaming video in the bedroom baby!). Uh, sorry for that image.

On a vaguely similar note, I’ve switched the TV back to regular (non digital) cable from the Dish Network we’ve had for a few years. I’m intolerant of the weather taking my viewing away, primarily since I don’t watch much TV, so it had well better be there when I want it.

Well, that and the fact one of my receivers went bad, and it was going to cost me over $100 to fix it. Screw you, Mr. RadioShack sales guy in the mall. Also, with a plain coax feed I can more easily build A MythTV box. Homemade DVR without the DRM is where its at.

Well, it looks like I did have something to say, after all…

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