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WinPhone 8 ~3 months in

Posted by anjilslaire on February 9, 2013

I picked up an HTC 8X in red to replace the aging Droid X. So far I’ve been pretty impressed with it. Deep Skydrive integration, Family Room shared calendars, beautiful, smooth OS. I can’t really complain. I definitely recommend getting one.


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HTC Titan, aka Verizon XV6800

Posted by anjilslaire on August 6, 2008

So, I caved and bought a Verizon XV6800 about a week back. It’s my 1st smartphone, sporting Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional. So far, I must admit I’m pretty pleased with it: It has a touchscreen + stylus, wifi, and a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard. I’ve got my Gmail account set up on it with ease, but one thing I found amusing: It can’t auto-detect the settings for Hotmail.

That’s right: Autodetect Gmail, but not Hotmail. Say what?

So far I’ve installed Live Search, which is pretty cool. It gives me weather, traffic, maps, and a host of other useful features. Bummer I can’t install Linux on it ;). I did get a great deal on internet access for it though, so I’m really getting used to having a pda in my pocket.

Next up: Finding some killer apps for my new toy. If I find anything really neat, I’ll let you know.

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