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Windows + Linux= Each has their place

Posted by anjilslaire on May 20, 2012

So a couple months back I repartitioned my desktop to give more drive space to Windows 7, and also to boot first. I’ve also got Ubuntu 12.04 on the secondary partition still in use. I’ve also added a 1TB drive for my media storage.

After much thought I came to the conclusion that Windows made more sense as a daily driver in my house for a few reasons:
I run Xbox 360s on my TVs for gaming and media playback (netflix, youtube, streaming client for my M4Vs, etc). It only makes sense to take advantage of the native compatibility between the two. I’m eventually going set up DVR functionality on my Win7 box so using the 360 as a set top box is natural.
I like to play PC games occasionally. Hooked to my 42″ HDTV makes my PC much more fun, including gaming thats not on the console.

Now, I still use Linux for many uses, including exclusively on my netbook, which lives next to my chair in the living room. I love the ease of updating, raw speed and lack of malware on linux. But I think it’s ridiculous to ignore the advantages of certain platforms for no good reason. Many people will have good reasons. In this case, I don’t anymore.

Huge Disclaimer: I work for Microsoft, so I guess I have no credibility. Think what you will.


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Garmin Nuvi 205

Posted by anjilslaire on February 6, 2009

I received a GPS for Christmas, and finally got some time to play with it a bit.

The Nuvi 205 is pretty slick. I mounted it to the windshield & plugged it in. No reading of the manuals needed here kids.

After agreeing OK to not play with it while driving, I found it very easy to cnfigure and get me where I want to go. As soon as I got home from my 1st trip, I plugged it into my  PC to see about getting it updated.

The good  news ius that Ubuntu recognizes thdevice as a storage drive, so I can add extra voices, cars, etc by simply unzipping them into the appropriate folders.

Wine even allows the installation of the Garmin software updater.

The bad news is that the Garmin software updater does not recognize the device when plugged into Linux, even under Wine 1.1.14 😦

So, I had to plug it into a WIndows box to update the OS and install the 2009 map update, which I got free in my 60 days of free updates.
The map update was 1.2gigs. Sheesh.

Aside from that snafu, I’m now cruising down the road being tracked by “Judy,” the British voice guiding my onscreen Black Pearl.

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