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Kubuntu 9.04 Beta working on Mini 9

Posted by anjilslaire on April 1, 2009

So after grabbing the latest Jaunty Beta of Kubuntu, I loaded it onto my usb flash and booted my mini 9. To my pleasure and slight surprise, both the login screen & desktop were perfectly scaled to the 1024×600 resolution. Did I say perfectly? Yes I did.

Playing with it more, I found the built-in desktop effects of Plasma working well, too. The Cube & wobbly windows performed with no lag, and the system was snappy, even via a flash drive.

The one thing that didn’t fly was the wireless connecting to my WPA2/AES-enabled router. The KNetwork Manager didn’t even have an option for WPA2, just WEP & WPA, basically. No love.

If the final release in a few weeks  corrects this and improves a few other things, I may just bump the 8.10 Netbook Remix to the curb and return the the KDE fold, despite my loathing of KDE4.0 & 4.1.

Jaunty with 4.2 seems very nice.


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Mini 9 WPA resolved

Posted by anjilslaire on January 2, 2009

After a couple days of tweaking, I’ve got the WPA issues resolved. Strangely enough, it sort of did it itself. I’ve got Intrepid installed via usb stick, with the 1 line edit for sound, and the Broadcom STA driver for the wireless. After adjusting the network manager settings repeatedly, I finally stumbled upon and installed the svn version of network manager from the maintainers repository, deleted all wireless AP settings from network manager, and changed my router to WPA2 Personal AES from my original WPA Personal TKIP settings.More details here.

Voila, it started working. This being  on a linksys WRT54G device. Since then, I’ve been surfing happily from my couch rather than my desk, acessing my local network shares with ease. Now if I can remember to change the wifi settings on my PSP the next time I find it…

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Dell Mini 9 in the house

Posted by anjilslaire on December 28, 2008

Finally got my mini 9 from the FedEx man yesterday, and I’m impressed so far.

As others have said, the keyboard is taking abit getting used to. So far, everything has worked well out of the box on a vanilla Intrepid installation, except for WPA access. Nothing I can do will allow me to connect to my router when WPA is on. If I disable WPA, it connects fine with broadcasting turned off & MAC filtering turned on. More testing will be going on in the future on my part.

All in all, I’m happy with my new system. I just need to pick up more ram & go from 512 to 2gigs. Then this thing will fly…

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