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Sword of Fargoal: Xbox Live, please

Posted by anjilslaire on April 24, 2010

I’ve been a fan of Fargoal for 20+ years on the c64. It was always a primary reason for me to keep an emulator handy, to play for a few minutes (Yay for save states!). Then I discovered and until last year (I think) they had ported it to PC & MAC with the source code included so it ran with slightly updated graphics on Windows, Linux, and Mac. I can’t really describe my enthusiasm, actually.

They provided the files free, and had a PayPal donation button to help fund further developments. I could play it anywhere: On my desktop, on my netbook natively in linux, emulated on my PSP in its original c64 release. Joy, Joy!

Nowadays, it’s apparently a hit on the iPhone, with much improved graphics. I think that’s awesome. Really.

But Jeff, please continue to provide at least the old port for the PC, and  even more importantly, release the new version onto Xbox Live. I’d happily pay 800 MS Points to fire it up on the 360. Hey, Lode Runner is available. Please let us enjoy what was one of the best games ever on the commodore get  some much-deserved multiplatform love.

Either way, I think everyone with an iPhone should roll over and check it out.

Oh, and Android would be cool, too 😉


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Xbox Live thoughts

Posted by anjilslaire on June 19, 2008

I received a 12+1 month subscription card to Xbox Live as a part of my Father’s Day gifts. It’s something I’ve been wanting, as I haven’t played against anyone else yet. After entering the card info, and turning my Silver Live account Gold, I’ve played a bit of Gears of War online the past few days.

My, I must say its quite a different game online than off. On Live, the matches are short & brutal. I must’ve played well over an hour spread across 2 nights before I won my 1st kill, and it certainly carried a sense of accomplishment, knowing that this was against another player, rather than the game AI.

Of course, I expected the standard trash talking and adolescent bravado: what else do you expect from gamers with (relative) anonymity? Although, I must admit the high-pitched kid nearly crying because his kill was stolen was a bit more funny than pathetic.

I’ve decided I need to pick up a few more bargain priced online games to try out, maybe GRAW 2, who knows? What I do know, however, is that playing against real people is much more rewarding, and its something I look forward to.

Maybe I’m beginning to understand the appeal of those things people refer to as sports… 🙂

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Lost in Oblivion

Posted by anjilslaire on April 22, 2008

So, I started playing Oblivion again this weekend, Sunday to be precise. I hadn’t played in a few months, it seems, as I’d gotten distracted and lost interested when I couldn’t find some I was supposed to. Whatever.
So, I loaded my last save, and with Her watching from the couch, I began wandering about until I stumbled upon some book that told me about some evil cult, etc, until I found myself running for my life and stumbling upon a new Oblivion Gate. Long story short, I’m back on track with the Main Quest, and have also joined the Fighter’s Guild, allowing my pathetic Gamerscore to bump up few more points. Of course, this took most of the afternoon and evening, wasting the majority of the day. It’s like a drug though. I keep thinking about what is going to happen next in th game. I was never this interested in Morrowind…

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Flashy Ninjas

Posted by anjilslaire on April 19, 2008

I’ve been playing N for quite some time, originally on Windows, and more recently on linux. It’s great fun, and has a really awesome physics engine. Also, the upcoming v1.5 will sport improved graphics and source code, so that’s really cool, too.

It’s recently been added to Xbox LIVE as well, and its the 1st title that’s sorely tempted me to to purchase. I may need to get a LIVE Points card to buy it (I’ll never give them my CC data. Sorry MS), cuz the demo is sweet, trust me. If you’re a graphics whore, you may want to pass.

Give it a whirl. Its free on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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